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As we all know, every organization needs to follow the state and central government laws, rules, regulations, and industry standards. This is where our software can help. “ComplyBiz” - The Compliance Management Software will help in centralization, automation, streamlining consolidation, communication and data management.

Our Regulatory Compliance Management software provides the compliance solution strategies to organizations that can help in better risk managementOur Regulatory Compliance Management software provides the compliance solution strategies to organizations that can help in better risk management

It will make sure that you are not going to miss any compliance and avoid heavy penalties & frustration.


  • Handling legal complexities
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Speeds up compliance and decision making
  • Task management
  • Risk management

Our Compliance Monitory Software will help with in centralization, automation, streamlining business processes, consolidation, communication and data.

By streamlining compliance, regulation monitoring processes and automating compliance workflows our compliance monitoring software makes it easier for organizations to ensure adherence to business.


  • All your compliance in one place
  • Makes collaboration easy
  • Task management
  • Visibility in compliance performance
  • Automates compliance processes
  • Simplifies tracking regulatory changes
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Boosts customer satisfaction
  • Auto reminders
  • Generates data for Compliance Audit
  • Compliance Bank
  • Data Reports & Filters.


  • An interface to add compliances and store them in a centralized repository for all types of compliances.
  • Penalties applicable if compliances are not completed within the timelines are projected on dashboard for the effectiveness.
  • Compliances can be allocated to employees/departments.
  • Every Compliance will be treated as task, it will have a list of subtasks. These sub tasks will have timelines, description and attachments (templates).
  • Email + WhatsApp Notifications will be sent to concerned person on allocation of compliance/sub tasks.
  • An interface has been given to upload compliance template that can be download by employee from the application.
  • Application will give equal weightage to each subtask and will calculate the % of work completed
  • Upcoming compliances will appear on dashboard
  • An interface has been given to upload compliance acknowledgement/receipt
  • Maker & Checker system has been implemented ensuring 100% accuracy


We have our in house team who does Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) for our clients. Our Compliance Management Software has been tested and certified by our cyber security experts. The Compliance Audit Software has been hosted on VPS server having firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, daily backups etc. security features. Server hardening, port level security, data and url encryption features makes sure that your data remains safe.

“ComplyBiz” is the name given to Compliance Monitoring Software, the system that helps in setting up processes for compliances and avoid penalties and frustration

We have provided email support to our customers, also we have provided an interface to raise the ticket for the issues you are facing. We make sure to respond and fix issues (if any) within 24-48 hours.

Certainly! Our Compliance Audit Software will generate valuable inputs that can help you during Compliance Audit Process.

Kalpak Solutions is known for the Customized Software Development and that’s our USP. We will encourage you to let us know the enhancements you would like to see in regulatory compliance management software and we will try our best to fulfill them.

It totally depends on number of compliances and period you subscribe for. No restrictions on number of users. 6 monthly plan costs Rs. 15,000 per Organization (Rs. 2,500 per user per month). Yearly plan costs Rs. 24,000 per Organization (Rs. 2,000 per company per month). Our software can position an organization to succeed in their efforts to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. Compliance Audit software is available as a stand-alone platform/pay as per use. Please send us an email for 1 month free trial.

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