Highlights Of Customized Software Development

  • Customized / Tailor Made Software Development.
  • Business analysis and writing requirement specifications.
  • Understand need for the software, objectives, software requirement specifications by involving our domain knowledge experts.
  • Customized Mobile Applications using React Native for Android & iPhone.

"Customized Software Development" is our biggest strength, we have developed a variety of tailor made software for various domains like manufacturing industries (customized ERP and CRM system), Doctors (Patient management system), chartered accounting and company secretary firms (Payroll processing, accounts, attendance, project management and documentation), Project Management System (paperless office) etc.

We work closely with clients to understand their need for the software, objectives, software requirement specifications by involving our domain knowledge experts.

Kalpak Solutions is one of the specialized customized software development company in Pune offering custom software development in various domains.

Our customized software development services include:

  • Business analysis and writing requirement specifications
  • Feasibility study
  • Software design, architecture development, and implementation
  • User interface design and web application development software.
  • Mobile application development.
  • Maintenance, updates and support

Customized web applications developed by Kalpak Solutions:

  • Customized Project Management Software for placement management
  • Customized Society Management Software to manage housing society’s data.
  • Customized ERP software with GST invoicing and MIS reports.
  • Customizations in Ecommerce website for displaying region specific products and brand wise sorting.
  • Customized mobile compatible book reader with zoom in and out, jump to, previous, next, bookmark, add notes etc. functionalities.
  • Web application development software for QR code generator.
  • Complex payroll applications.
  • Calculators for Complex Financial Services.
  • Online Examination Application.
  • Customized Student, Coaches management application.
  • Customized enquiry management and CRM application.
  • Customized application for HR to management recruitments.
  • Customized mobile application for automation of tree census.

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