Focus on timely delivery and cost-cutting by using Project Management Software

Written by : Content Development Team – Kalpak Solutions | Posted On: Friday, May 8, 2020

It’s time to find the best project management software development company.

In the coming era, the service industry is going to see a shift to an online environment. For so many factors, now your teams are going to be operating from various locations - home, site office, client locations etc. Conventional ways of managing projects are clearly not going to provide solutions to this new challenging time.

We, at Kalpak Solutions have done handholding for more than 100 esteemed clients who are market leaders in their own domains. Our software team works with regional, national and international teams to provide world-class project management software in all domains.

Deep domain expertise infused in the software

Our years and years of partnership with various clients have given us valuable insights in project management. You can run the software very easily and get the best ROI in less time. At the same time, we value your organizational culture. We work closely with our clients to create a tailor-made system suitable for just you. After all, every company is unique in some way or the other!

Advantages experienced by our clients:

  • Location independent - data can be added from different locations based on the requirement of the client.
  • Risk management and alerts - set alerts about important project parameters and delivery dates, get a real time update so you can act quickly.
  • Mobile Marketing: Mobile marketing consists of advertising on mobile applications and websites which are more of consumer centric.
  • Resource allocation and tracking - with a simple to use dashboard, track your allocated resources. See if the project is on track or you need more resources. Allocate part time or full time resources.
  • Employee performance management - As tasks are assigned / approved you can visualize the performance management dashboard.
  • Document collaboration and safety - allow only authorized users to upload documents / designs. Allow the approved files to be visible to clients/employees.
  • Invoice and payment tracking - get system alerts and generate stage wise invoices.

There are many such benefits that Kalpak Solution offers to its clients. That is why we are considered one the best project management software company in Pune India.

Multi-domain competency

We offer the Project Management Software to various industries :

  • Manufacturing project management software.
  • Project Management Software for Design Firms
  • Best project management software for architects
  • Project Management Software for Survey Companies.
  • Project Management Software for Placement Agencies.
  • Project Management Software for CA, CS and Law Firms.

Kalpak Solutions support / services includes :

  • Domain name & hosting services.
  • Daily data backup.
  • Quick time bound resolution of issue (48-72 hours)*
  • Support in deployment and training.

We are more than happy to share our complete software working here so you can check for yourself how it can benefit you :

  • Project Manager will use cost calculator tool to calculate man hours cost, expenses and products cost if any.
  • Proposal will get converted into Project.
  • Project manager will attach project scope documents and will use project planning utility to create the project.
  • Depending on project type, the tasks will be created or will be taken from master data (if it's a reparative kind of project).
  • Project will be divided into several stages/tasks.
  • Several tasks will be divided into several sub-tasks.
  • Project managers will be able to assign tasks and or sub-tasks to employees from employee master data in project management software.
  • Project managers will be able to enter task/sub-task completion dates and will be able to schedule project management in an effective way.
  • Project management system will maintain the status of every individual sub-task like pending, completed, rejected with remark.
  • Employee will change the status of sub-task after completing it, default status will be pending. They will have an interface to fill up time-sheet.
  • Project manager will get automatic email/sms notification after completion of a particular sub-task, he will review it and change the status to approved/rejected with remarks.
  • Set of sub-tasks will complete a task and similarly a set of tasks will complete a project.
  • Project management program will send email/sms notification to client after completion of project.
  • Project managers can schedule project stage wise billing in the project management program, after completion certain tasks an automatic invoice will get generated and will be sent to the client by email.

As you can see from the list of the clients, service sectors and manufacturing sectors - both are getting the benefits from our Project Management Software. We have received several national and international awards in the domain of Project Management Software.