ERP Software for Post Covid-19 Business Growth

Written by : Content Development Team – Kalpak Solutions | Posted On: Thursday, October 26, 2020

When you need to save your employee hours, utilise your money in the right direction automation is your friend!

Even after COVID-19 are you still using older data entry methods for your business processes?

ERP Software for Post Covid-19 Business Growth

Today, most of the business world is feeling the impact of Covid-19. There are new ways of doing business and there are new markets to be tapped. The supply chain needs to be managed. Moreover, human relations have found new value in this era. Are your employees busy doing manual entries on spreadsheets? Are you still depending on the workforce to enter data in every department? There are challenges related to staff working from home / being away due to health reasons, which can hamper your business operations. Are you using different software for different departments?

Also, as explained in our earlier article, more than 68% spreadsheets have errors due to manual entry which resulted in billions of rupees lost in business. Also, imagine the time spent in error corrections and combining the data to give you historical analysis. Even if it is possible to do complicated calculations, is it the best use of your / your employee’s time?

ERP - Best Practices Combined with Future Ready Processes!

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software) ERP system is not just a software, it’s about setting up processes and best-known practices within an organization. ERP Software developed by Kalpak Solutions is one of the best ERP software that not only helps in achieving paperless office but also helps in setting up best practices.

Save time with a continuous flow of data from Enquiry to Delivery. With ERP systems, you have the benefit of understanding trends, saving inventory costs and operational costs as well.

Streamline your data from Enquiry Management to Delivery!

A neatly designed ERP system creates a data-flow which can give you maximum benefits of automation. Easy-to-use software is accepted by staff and you will see considerable productivity gain by using a centralised database which prevents duplication of efforts.

Not only restricted to the Manufacturing domain!

Gone are the days where ERP systems were restricted to the manufacturing domain. Now, the Finance service industry, education industry, healthcare and many such domains have specific ERP systems tailored for their unique requirements.

Easy Access to data:

A huge saving of time is achieved due to single-point access to all data needed across the organisation, with each department updating the needed portion of data. Help your staff in following up the right customer with an easy to use ERP Enquiry module which can track the sales visits, progress and final closures. Use customised solutions to ensure that your business process is translated smoothly in existing ERP software. Kalpak Solutions is an award-winning company who has helped many customers in implementing ERP systems successfully.

Benefits of ERP Systems

  • Ease of access: Multiple users can use the ERP system from multiple locations. With now mobile front ends, your delivery/field staff can also use ERP effectively.
  • User security and identity management: User security and identity management are easy with an ERP system’s ready-to-use modules.
  • Data storage: Single point data storage which can be on your site location or cloud as per your choice. Gives you complete control of your data.
  • Business Analytics: Examine trends, charts, identify top performers, top risk areas and many such metrics with easy-to-setup modules. You can choose which reports you need.
  • Live Stats tracking in all operational domains: Track status of any operation happening in your organisation. Create custom alerts for inventory modules, sales targets, production issues and every other important parameter of business.
  • Extendible: ERP systems are scalable. Whenever you want to expand your operations, you can select a new module and start using it. If you want to remove a module that is also possible.

Key Modules which benefit from ERP systems are as follows:

  • HR: From recruitment to retirement, you can plan everything
  • Product planning: Create production plan/packing details and all other required documents. Easily export to PDF/excel as needed.
  • Material purchasing: Generate BOM, save time by directly creating PO with your vendors and tracking the details.
  • Inventory control: Manage stock levels for optimal profits. Save costs by generating order once inventory hits the minimum level. Create custom alerts.
  • Distribution: Track orders from the factory to last-mile delivery. Easy to integrate with mobile solutions.
  • Marketing: Plan your marketing campaign and track different sources.
  • Sales: Create sales regions and track sales details with easy setup.
  • Finance: Manage your financial statements and key indicators from the dashboard
  • Accounting: Integrate with other software and manage your accounts accurately.

As a top ERP software development company in pune, we have worked with international clients with small to medium business sizes. Most of our clients noticed the following benefits.

  • Better use of human resources and less time spent on manual data entry
  • As ERP software has central data-storage, all teams have a single source of truth
  • Avoiding duplicate entries creates faster, reliable records so teams can focus on business process
  • Focus on analysis of data which is value-adding rather than working on data-correction which is a waste of your team’s precious time

Connect with us to see how you can take advantage of the ERP system in the post-COVID-19 era!