Material Management & Inventory

Inventory Management manages inventory ensuring full visibility of product, intermediate and raw material items, whilst also controlling serial and batch/lot numbers. A range of costing and product management features complete a stock management solution to perfectly complement the Purchase Management System.

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Sales Management

Sales Management System will streamline sales order entry, manage customer information, pricing and invoicing. This system will help in delivering high levels of capability to sales and distribution operations.

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Purchase Management

Purchase Management system will streamline the procurement process both centrally and dispersed providing control and delivering cost savings. It will maximise expenditure control and supplier effectiveness using automated ordering, receiving and invoice.

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Payroll And Attendance system

Payroll software can speed up the process of calculating salaries, ensuring that payments are both accurate and on time. Payroll software will complete payroll calculations within few seconds. Payroll system will communicate with our attendance system that records employee attendance or time worked.

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Production Management

Production management concerns the dates and times of the products that are to be produced and supplied to customers. Production management software will help in Production Planning & Scheduling, Resources allotment, generating daily production reports.

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  • Customized Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production planning reports.
  • Last Login details (for security reasons)
  • Current Stock Available
  • Daily Transaction Reports
  • Date wise, product wise transaction reports for Sales, Purchase, Inventory